I’m excited to announce the evolution of our business to a more focused and active organization but with the same goal of delivering innovative healthcare environments.

What’s evolved?

Our name. Say hello to Swain Architects, Inc.

Our leadership. With over 40 years of experience Mike Swain Sr. remains engaged as our advising executive architect. And, I will lead the day-to-day operations of Swain Architects as the principal of our firm. Shadowing my father for the past year has helped me hone my skill set and expertise, empowering me to assume this role.

What hasn’t changed?

You’ll still be working with the same expert team as we continue to bring our core competencies to every project. Collaboration. Efficiency. Availability. Innovation. Our objective remains the same: to steer our project towards holistic resolutions that satisfy everybody-- the project team, end users, facilities, and members.

Here’s what you’ll continue to experience from us:

- Our technological excellence: Our strength in integrating the most current technology, such as BIM software and mobile computing applications, into our practice means greater efficiencies, quicker response times, more accurate and up-to-date information and, most importantly, cost savings to you.  

- 360-degree collaboration: We make absolutely certain that the entire team are on the same page and moving towards the same goal. How do we do this? Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. During design and construction, we meet with governing agencies to establish code interpretations to avoid costly redesigns late in the processes. We work closely with estimating and construction by participating in collaborative constructability reviews to prevent costly change orders and schedule impacts during construction.  And, to further increase team efficiency, we encourage not only the owners and user groups to be involved in the project from day one, but also the contractors and facility engineers.

-  We care about our products and services. Seriously. I grew up watching my dad invest himself to the architecture field, and he’s inspired me to do the same-- show integrity, be innovative, and have a heart. Key elements for success in life.

Starting January 1, we’ll be Swain Architects, Inc. It’ll be a fantastic start to the New Year.

Please call us anytime with questions.


Michael Swain “Jr.”